The workshop Phase Equilibrium Modeling – Approaches and Pitfalls took place virtually in May 2021. Video recordings are available via YouTube. Our group contributed for two lectures during the workshop: an overview of the thermodynamic databases and the introduction of iterative thermodynamic models and Bingo-Antidote.

Overview of thermodynamic databases

In this lecture, I opened the workshop by providing an overview of the thermodynamic datasets and solution models that are currently in use, before assessing the pros and cons of the various fitting procedures used to produce these data. I highlighted the need to check these datasets against experimental data and discussed the limits of uncertainty and reliability. Finally, I outlined what comes next in the development of thermodynamic databases

Reactive bulk composition & Bingo-Antidote

In this lecture, I discussed the concept of reactive bulk composition and showed examples where it must be considered. I also explained the concept of iterative thermodynamic modelling and demonstrated its application using the Bingo-Antidote software. My talk concluded by discussing the implications that different treatments of reactive bulk compositions have for thermobarometry.

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